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The PropTrend software allows you to Search, Research, Map, Analyze, Trend, and Generate Reports for virtually any property within the United States in an easy to use and step-by-step manner.

PropTrend keeps you informed regarding the past and present state of the real-estate market and provides you with the Property Information, Trending Tools, Dynamic Mapping, Analysis Tools and Detailed Reporting to help you determine the feasibility of potential investments.

Key features include:

  • Search detailed records for Tens of Thousands of U.S. properties using our search tool
  • View essential aerial images of properties through Virtual Earth and Google Earth to get a good idea of what the property and its surrounding area look like
  • Get extensive graphs and statistics on neighboring properties via “Street Snapshots”
  • Stay connected to properties that match your pre-determined criteria with PropTrend Alerts
  • Obtain highly detailed information such as education, crime, income, and more on selected property areas through the exclusive Community Profile
  • Find COMPS and define your own COMPS criteria to estimate your target properties value. You no longer need a real estate appraiser to do this for you!
  • Determine the best areas for investing by using our Trending Tools to analyze the potential of the properties you select
  • The PropTrend Analysis Wizard guides you through a six-step process that carefully analyzes each aspect of buying
  • Create comprehensive and beneficial reports for partners, investors, hard money lenders, and traditional lenders
  • Access our outstanding tools section which provides you with very helpful real estate calculators and other great tools
  • Stay informed with our News section which is updated daily with new articles focused on the real estate industry

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